1st step

■ Do you have any chemicals/chemical products in your home?
■ What chemicals/chemical products do you have in your home?

2nd step


In Parts 1 and 2 students find out more about the many
chemical products which people use in their homes. They also
examine the labelling of these products and learn about the
international symbols for labelling chemical substances.
They have an opportunity to make and test a chemical


Research by interview, or from secondary sources, to investigate a local story related to chemistry and to discover an example of the importance of chemistry to the local, regional or national economy.

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Polska - Poland - Polonia - Polonya

Here we are - The Union of Lublin 3rd Comprehensive School

We live in Lublin, an old Polish town which history has reached the 13th Century. This is the largest city on the eastern side of the Vistula River - the longest river in Poland, and the capital of Lublin Voivodeship with a population of 355,954 people. It is Poland's ninth largest city.
We've got a beautiful castle, a huge cathedral and a 'Trynitarska' Tower where we can see a breathtaking view of Lublin.
Lublin is a great city, really open for young people. There is 5 universities with over 85,000 of students, which placed Lublin as the most students' city in Poland. We've got lots to do here, fantastic clubs and lots of places where we can meet with our friends. As well as night-life there are lots of places where we can improve our talents and make our horizonts wider, as the example - a centre of culture, schools of dance, languages schools great theatres and cinemas.

Our school
A school is a place where we spend most of our time, but our school is a nice place to spend time, even if sometimes life gets really tough there. Techers are nice as well as students themselves.
The school was established on 7th October 1921, which places it among the oldest institutions of the sort in the district's capital. Our school has about 700 pupils, there are lots of profiles - economic, humanistic, jurnalist, dramatic or scientific. Not only the results of education make its position strong, but also a variety of extracurricular activities offered, e.g. drama, film and newspaper workshops, mathematics club and various sports classes. There are approx. 30 different such classes on offer.
The school community members also pride themselves on their choir, ‘Kantylena’, which has been awarded many times in all-Poland reviews. Our school cooperates with many universities and cultural institutions, which makes gaining education there even more attractive. This enables students to implement projects which go beyond the constraints of traditional education. Among the graduates, (more than 9,000 already), there are people holding eminent positions, such as: writers, politicians and artists.
We're all from science profiled class, we're mostly intrested in biology and chemistry and we want to be a doctor or a scientist.

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Our class

My name is Patrycja and I’m sixteen years old. I was born on the 23rd of May 1992. I live in small town in Lubelskie province, which name is Milejów. We have got one HS in my place, but I’ve chosen III LO in Lublin, because it is one of the best Polish schools. I’m brown hair girl with grey eyes. I’m not very tall, but I like my size.
I have a brother, whose name is Maciej. He is 21 and he loves playing computer games and making websites. In my opinion he is really good person, who helps everyone who needs it. My mother’s name is Beata. She is a teacher and I think she loves her job. My father’s name is Grzegorz. He is a policeman, so he has dangerous work. We live in semi-detached house and our neighbors are very nice and helpful guys. Our garden is rather big. I like sitting there in the summer. I love one big tree, which is the oldest one, but I love my small tree, too. My grandfather planted my tree on the day of my birth and it grows with me.
I go to school from Monday to Friday. School day starts sometimes at 7:30 am, sometimes at 12:15 pm. It’s hard to wake up early, but everything has got pros and cons. When you go to school at 12, you’ll finish your lessons very late, for example at 18:05 pm.
In my free time I play saxophone, read interesting books or meet with my friends. I think I’m person full of optimism, who looks at the world through pink-colored glasses. I am childish and creative and I still believe in words: “everything is poetry”. My motto is: “when something isn't hard to get - it isn't worth any attention."

My name is Monika, I’m almost 17 years old and I go to the third secondary school of the name of the Unia Lubelska in Lublin. I’m a first class student, biological-chemical profile. I think this official information will be enough. My schoolmates call me Żmijka, which means in English a viper and others call me Jabba-I think I don’t have to translate this or of course my real name. I have a lot of interests. The first-swimming. It is my favourite sport, I've swum twice a weak since I was 9. Other way for spending my time is music-I like listening to music and play the piano. I’m not a virtuoso performer, I’m rather crummy, but I don’t care Apart from that I really like watching the films, singing and dancing, but only on parties. I’m outgoing, rather reasonable, lively, helpful, sometimes bad-tempered, but sometimes calm and quiet. One of my defects is that I’m from time to time stubborn, cheeky and too talkative. It’s enough, I think.

I'm Agnieszka. I’m sixteen years old, I was born on the 7th of September 1992. I live in Lublin, it’s a city in the eastern Poland. Despite my name is Agnieszka, everybody calls me Stasio, so you can use this name, when you want to call me ;) I’m a student I go to the high school in Lublin. I go to a science profiled class, so I learn biology and chemistry for the most of my time. I want to be a doctor in the future, because I like helping other people. I was a volunteer at home for orphaned children for three years and it was a great experience. I’m rather thin and very tall (180 cm.), I’ve got blue eyes and brown straight hair.
I have many interests, but I have three things I love doing. First of them is dance, actually country dancing. It has been my passion for eight years. I learn how to dance different dances, I think I can dance polish national dances very well, but I also learn how to dance dances from other countries – like Tarantella, an Italian dance, this dance was really great!
The second thing is music – I really enjoy listening to the music as well as playing a bass guitar. I have played for three years and I love it! I like rock music – U2, The Police or Red Hot Chili Peppers.
And the last thing is eating and sleeping – I’m not a lazy person, I’m just slow, when I don’t have to be in hurry I’m not in hurry, I always have time to take a nap or cook something, I love cooking, and eating what I have cooked, of course. I’m a sleepyhead and I’m not shy about it ;)
I have one sister – her name is Monika, she’s 24 years old, she studies medicine. My parents are both doctors.
I’m really sociable, I like to meet new people, so I think our cooperation will be really great!

My name is Magda. I'm 17 years old and I was born on the 4th of January 1992. I live in Lublin and I go to school there. I attend to the third secondary school which has name of Unia Lubelska. I chose science profiled class becouse my favourite subjects are biology and chemistry. I'm slim and rather short girl with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I 'm an only child but I don't feel lonely because I have got a dog and good friends. My dog is a very nice pet. His name is Gufi and he is very small and black. He is 6 years old but he is very energetic and friendly animal. I have got a lot of interests. In my free time I draw. I like it becouse it is very relaxing. I think that the best subjects for my drawings are people and their portraits. Aside from this I also like dancing, unfortunately I' m not a good dancer. But in the nearest future I want to enroll on dancing course. I love swimming and riding by bike. In my spare time I often go out with my friends. We are spending very good time together. I'm nice, outgoing, ambitious and sometimes shy person :)

My name is Peter and I'm almost 17, I was born on the 24th of September 1992. I study in The Union Of Lublin 3rd Comprehensive School in Lublin and I live here. I interest in sport: football, handball and winter sports. I love snowboarding and bike riding. I like playing computer games. I'm tall and big guy. I've got a long hair and greens eyes. My friends say that I often talk too much. I like winter and summer, I hate autumn. I like watching history movies. I often listen to rap or hip-hop music.

My name is Ula.  I am 17 years old.  I attend to 3rd Grammar School in Lublin. My profile is biological and chemical. My school friends call me Urszulem, Ulencja, Michaelem. In my free time I read books and listen to music. I am keen on going to the cinema. I prefer psychological films. Handball is my passion. I have played it since I was 10. Nowadays I play in a handball team in Lublin where I am  main player.

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My name is Graziana and I’m fourteen years old. I was born on the 31st of August in 1992 in Castellana, a town in the province of Bari, in Puglia, in the south-east of Italy. I’m tall and thin, I have got long brown wavy hair and green eyes. I have got glasses too. My mother name is Annamaria but everyone calls her Anna. She’s tall and thin. She has got short brown straight hair and brown eyes. She has got glasses too. My mother is fifty-two years old and she is a housewife. My father name is Giovanni Martino but everyone calls him Giovanni. He is tall and thin. He has got short brown wavy hair and brown eyes. My father is fifty-four and he is a businessman. I live in Cisternino, a small town in the province of Brindisi. I have some pets: one she-dog, four cats and one parrot. My she-dog name is Bianca(Whitey). She is four years hold and she has got white coat, brown eyes, long ears and a short tail. She is a faithfuln friend! My four cats names are Sasha, Minsk, Musetta and Macchia. Sasha is nine months and she has got long white coat, short ears, blue eyes and a long tail. Sasha is very cuddy and warm. Minsk is ten months and she has got short black coat, short ears, brown eyes and a short tail. Minsk is very fearful. Musetta is six years old and she has got a short grey coat, short ears, green eyes and a short tail. Musetta is very shy. Macchia is seven years old and he has got short white and black coat, short ears, brown eyes and a short tail. Macchia is very warm. Parrot name is Twetty and she’s five years old. Twetty has got blue, yellow and violet feathers. She has got black eyes and orange paws. Twetty love sing very much.
My first school was nursery school named “S.Domenico Savio”. I started there when I was three. When I was six I went to primary school “S.Giovanni Bosco” in the branch in Ceglie street. When I was eleven I went to junior school named Annessa al Consrevatorio“Nino Rota” in Monopoli, a town in provice of Bari. The some years I had an entrance exam to Conservatorio for the violin class. Now I go to Liceo Classico“Galileo Galilei” in Monopoli. I go to school from Monday to Saturday. School stars at eight o’clock and finishes for two days at a quarter to twelve, while in the other days school finishes at twenty to one. After school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I go to Music School. At school I study Latin, Greek, history, geography, Italian, maths, English, Physical education, religion. I like every subjects.
I help my parents very much at home. I tidy up my room and when my mother isn’t at home for work, usually in summer, I lay the table, I cook, I clear the table, I wash plates and I wash floor.
In my free time I read some romantic,mistery and horror books and I listen to classic, pop and rock music. In the summer I like running with my uncle and his dog,Gancia, in the country, I like playing with my pets and I take Bianca go out for a walk.My favourite interest is music; in fact I play violin and piano. I like it very much!



My name is Carlo Maria Clemente; I was born in Acquaviva delle fonti on 8th January 1993. My father’s name is Angelo: he was born in Castellana Grotte on 25th April 1959, he’s a teacher. My mother’s name is Raffaella: she was born in Roma on 18th June 1964. My parents are teachers in the conservatory of music in Monopoli. My father teaches clarinet and my mother teaches piano. I live in Monopoli with my parents and my brother, Claudio.

My first primary school was named “ I° Circolo “. I started there when I was 6. After, I started the conservatory and the junior school in 2003 when I was ten. Now I attend the classical school in Monopoli. I like studying history, Italian, Latin, but I don’t like English and Maths. I go to school from Monday to Saturday. At home I like reading books, watching T.V. and playing piano.

I played the piano when I was 5 years old. Now I attend the conservatory and I go there twice a week, but I study piano and musical subjects every day. On Tuesday and Thursday I go to gym at 8:00 pm. Every day I go to church where I meet my friends. I like, also, playing the organ in the church when there is a mass or a funeral. I earn, at around 75 euros a month. I play football with my friends every week on Friday evening after the mass.

When I stay at home ( never! ) I do my homework. I don’t like doing my homework! I like going by bike, but I like, also, walking. I like my life!

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